The Bureau for Strategic Information is an organisation dedicated to the collection, management and analysis of data and information for the purpose to deliver insights, scenarios and options for decision-making to individuals, organisations and governments.


The areas covered by a team of skilled researchers and experts include scientific, technical and economical information. A sophisticated research process ensures that relevant information is captured and processed according to the research needs of our customers.

With various pre-defined milestones, customers have access to insight previews and can directly influence the direction of future research due to BFSI’s agile, customer-focused methodologies.

Insights delivered include scenarios with options for future directions and organisational actions.


BFSI consultants deliver a range of services to support organisations in their implementation phase to take advantage of insights delivered.

With a wealth of experience from various industries and projects, BFSI customers benefit from intelligence that helps defining risk management and defence strategies, identifies innovation and growth opportunities and/or enables decision-making.


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